Term 5 – All Things Bright and Beautiful!

After a lovely long Easter 🐣 holiday, we are full of excitement and ready for our Summer terms. Our summer topic is All Things Bright and Beautiful and this term we are looking at plants. We have already planted runner bean and sunflower seeds and we will be keeping a diary of their growth.  We have also sprinkled cress and mung bean seeds onto wet felt mats to see how they grow.

We are also hoping courgette and borlotti beans grow which we can put into one of the raised beds, with some flowers too.

During our science lesson on Thursday we thought of lots of questions that we would like to find the answers to to during this term…

What do plants need to grow?

To help us answer this we have put beans in several different places and with different conditions to see what happens to them. We are keeping a class diary to record our observations.

Yesterday we went on a wild flower hunt around the school field and found loads of wild plants- especially daisies, dandelions, brambles, stinging nettles and ivy. We also saw buttercups and a dog rose. Next time we go to the woods we will take the same tally charts and do another hunt, then compare the results.

Maths, multiplication and division 

We have had our first look at multiplication this week. We started by counting in 10s and then making groups of ten. Then we made different equal groups to help us ‘find how many?’

It is our Class Workshop on Friday 10th May so please save the date mums and dads!

What a busy term we are going to have.

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