Term 4 – Feel the Rhythm

Our new topic this term is D&T based and called ‘Feel the Rhythm’. We will be exploring, designing and making our own musical instruments. We will be using lots of different materials following our work last term in Science. This week we investigated musical instruments we have in school- including the didgeridoo! Then looked at some of the books in the ‘Sound’ book box we have from the library. 

On Friday we went to an orienteering festival at Avon Valley College. I’m sorry there are no photos but that was because we were all way too busy running around finding posts and tags to solve our challenges. I think the children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves- thank you so much to the adult helpers for all your help ( much more than was expected). Without you we would not be able to go to these events. Mrs C.😊

Next week is Book Week and you should have all seen our homework letter which included an introduction to our focus book…

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