Our trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park

Yesterday we went on a coach to the Cotwold Wildlife Park with Oak and Maple classes.  First we saw the penguins.  Two of them were swimming and one was blowing bubbles in the water.  The penguins were very interesting and some came very close to us.  We then moved on to see the meerkats; they were very fast and busy hunting for food in the holes and the wood in their enclosure.

In the tropical house we saw a sloth,  lots of colourful birds and some fruit bats.  We enjoyed watching the lemurs and squirrel monkeys climbing around their cages – they made us laugh with their gymnastics.  Most of us thought the naked mole rats were a bit ugly but Mrs Blacker didn’t agree! We watched a hornbill catching grapes its keeper was throwing it – he had great catching skills.

The Siamangs were a favourite with Sycamore – they have long toes that let them grip and climb all around the enclosure.  Tabitha saw one hiding its food.  We really liked the giant tortoises and the rhinos – Sycamore would like a giant tortoise as our class pet!!

After a rest for lunch we went on the train and saw lots of the animals including camels, rhinos, zebras, giraffes and lions, and waved to lots of people.  We saw Mrs Wright and Oak at the station.

Then we went to see the porcupine, and the baby lion cubs who were very busy sleeping.  Our last animal we visited was the giraffes – they were very tall but we got a great view of them munching the leaves on the high walkway in the giraffe house.

There were lots of other animals and birds we saw, you will have to ask us to tell you all about our trip.  image image image image image

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