Exciting woodland visit with Mrs Needham

What a fantastic morning we all had in the woods. The children were all brilliantly behaved as we traipsed across the fields to the woods keeping our eyes peeled for bears ! We were set the task of sheltering one of the three little pigs – our ideas of shelters varied greatly between the groups. When we’d finished our houses they were tested for wind, hurricanes, earthquakes and torrential rain ( they particularly loved this bit chanting ‘ soak it, soak it, soak it! ‘ ) they were all very successful in standing firm but only one survived the rain test and kept little piggy dry.

Well done to all the children ( and thank you parents)- I’m looking forward to moving-on morning!


” I liked all of it because it was interesting and lots of fun. I loved working as a team because we were thinking about where the sticks needed to go.” Mollie

“I enjoyed making the garden with a little path. We had a little ball of mud with flowers in it. If it floods we will turn the twigs around.” Emily


image image

“I enjoyed all of it because it was fun. I enjoyed snack time too. My house was made from sticks, leaves and mud.” Mylo

“I enjoyed finding sticks and leaves , it was very fun and finding them was fun too as we had to search. ” Ned

” I enjoyed jumping in the mud and making the house with my friends. I also enjoyed snack time on the little seats. I liked collecting sticks , wood and moss. Our pig got a little bit wet. It was really fun and I hope to do it again. It was amazing!” Annabelle


“I enjoyed snacK, it was fun. Our house was not waterproof. It was really fun I liked going in the mud. I had fun there and the houses were good. I loved it. The house got wet and it was dark inside. ” Edwardimage

” I enjoyed building my house with my group because when we had finished it stood firm. When it rained the pig stayed dry and we took it out.” Thomas

“I enjoyed building the homes for the little pigs because it was very fun working together.” Harryimage

“I enjoyed making the house because I learnt how to make a really good house.” Inigo

“I enjoyed building our houses because there was all the things we wanted.” Ellen

“I enjoyed all of it because everybody had fun. I enjoyed the pictures because I smiled.” Aleksei

image image

“I enjoyed making my house, it was like an army house because it was camouflaged. It was made from sticks, leaves and mud.” William

“I enjoyed making the pig house because I found lots of sticks” Max

“I enjoyed jumping in the muddy puddles because it filled up at the brim. Our house was waterproof.” Alfie


“In joyed doing the finishing touches to the pigs home. We found a tree of moss which we used for waterproofing it and warmth. When Mrs Needham said 30 seconds we started running around.” Sophie

“I enjoyed building the house because it was fun. I loved doing it because our topic is materials.” Roseimage image



” My favourite part was snack time as I was hungry!” Luca

“I enjoyed hearing the crunch of the leaves and filling up the holes in our pig’s house. I loved squelching in the sticky mud and arranging the sticks for the walls.” Tabitha

“I enjoyed snack time because I liked sitting down and eating the raisins. I enjoyed building the house.”  Hattie


Thank you for a lovely morning

Mrs Needham




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