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And so to the end of term…

We only have four more days to go until the end of term and the end of year. We are all very excited about the new academic year after Moving on Morning, Monday.

(I am also very excited and emotional because this is my last year as a teacher at Woodborough School. After 19 fantastic years, I am retiring. I am looking forward to lots of new adventures but I will most definitely be keeping in touch. I would just like to say what a wonderful teaching career I have had at Woodborough. I feel blessed and privileged to have been part of such an amazing school and team.  I will miss you all very much….go Woodborough- keep working that magic!)

Back to Sycamore Class, we have completed final Rainbow Awards – congratulations to Esmee, Henry, Reauben and especially to Griff who is the first of us to achieve the Blue Award. Since Tuesday we have been having fun in maths, looking at more magic numbers

and playing with Polydron to make amazing 3D shapes.

We have also had our final Woodland Walk where we had a go at bird spotting (George’s daddy thought he saw a peregrine falcon and Griff’s mummy heard a cuckoo!) the rest of us heard some very noisy chickens,birds singing and we saw pigeons and crows.😄🐥🦅🐔

We then listened to a story and then had a go at lashing sticks together to make little stick men or our initials…

Some of us decorated them with leaves and grasses.

As a final treat we had 🥤 and 🍪 .

Once  again, thank you to all the parents that came along.

Well here’s to a great final four days. They are going to be very busy and exciting ones for all of us and then I wish everyone a very happy and safe Summer Holiday! 🏖


A fortnight of sport…

On Wednesday 3rd July two coaches from Pewsey Tennis Club came to Woodborough. Sycamore were ready to go at 9am and had a fantastic half an hours coaching… Wimbledon here we come!

This Wednesday was our sports day and again Sycamore displayed some fantastic sporting talents.  Both KS2 and KS1 sports began with a dance performance and fifteen children from Sycamore class were involved in this.

Well done to Venus who only just beat Mercury! And of course everyone tried their very best and were great sports.

To complete the sporty fortnight we had our KS1 inter -house Kick Rounders competition on Friday. We do not know the winners yet, as the points from this will be added to KS2 and Oak Class points to give us our final winners.

Back in class we have been looking at money and time in maths…

We can now recognise all the coins and notes, find some amounts and some of us can work out change too! We also know the days of the week, months of the year and seasons and can tell the o’clock and half past times.

We have nearly completed our All Things Bright and Beautiful topic. We have sorted animals into: mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We talked about other categories we could include, like insects or mini beasts.

We then sorted animals by what they eat:

Carnivores  – eat meat                        Herbivores – eat plants                            Omnivores – eat both

In Art we have been drawing our class animals…

We have moving on morning on Monday – when we will all be working in Maple class for the morning, with Mrs Johanson. In the afternoon we are looking forward to seeing the dress rehearsal of Oh What a Knight! the KS2 summer performance.



Art Week in Sycamore Class

We have been very busy thinking about our Art Week theme this year – THIS IS ME!

We have been drawing self-portraits but because we have drawn portraits during Book Week when we were looking at Freda Kahlo we have been trying out the styles of some other artists like-

Andy Warhol


Paul Klee




Pablo Picasso

We have also painted pebbles for Finlays Garden

And made masks- at home and in school with Mrs Needham and Mrs Cross.

Our final project was to make a magical animal mascot which represents the characteristics we feel we have or need in Sycamore Class.

We have made a Linophantasaurus which has the head of a 🦁 for strength and bravery and the ears of a hare for listening, a body of an elephant for caring, with the wings of a parrot for beauty and finally a 🦘 tail with dinosaur spikes!

We have also been to the woods this week….

We carried out wild flower, tree and mini beast hunts. Everything has changed since we last went to the wood, everything was big, green and beautiful. Thank you to the mummys that came with us.

We have had a fantastic week thinking about THIS IS ME! Thank you Mrs Barratt and to all the people who have helped us.

Especially a big thank you to everyone that came to share our work during our Art Week school meeting.


End of term 5 and on to our final term as year 1 in Sycamore Class…term 6!

To complete the plants part of our All Things Bright and Beautiful topic we have planted out all our seedlings.

We read, performed and then wrote  plant themed poems.

Then, as we didn’t go to the woods this Thursday, we drew some wild flowers Mrs Bethel collected for us on her local dog walk. Our observational drawings have become very impressive this year.

On Monday we had a visit from PC Paul who spoke to us about the work of  the police and keeping safe; including on the internet.

He also let us all have a sit in the police car.

Thank you PC Paul.

Then on Friday we went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park to kick off the ‘animals’ part of our topic.

Despite the rain we all had a wonderful day and we are now ready to start learning more about animals-including humans 😃

Maths, Gardening and Disco

Week 4 of term 5 has been very busy in Sycamore Class, as we have been keeping as quiet as possible in the mornings for the Year 6 SATS week.

The week started with more multiplication and division. This week we have been making groups of 2, 5 and 10 and then sharing equally between.

In the afternoons we have been outside doing PE, looking at trees and the raised beds.

Our seedlings will be ready to go out next week and we all went out to have a look in the other beds.

We then looked closely at a flowering plant and then some of us made our own whilst others helped make a large flower for our display. We will finish these next week.

On Friday it was our healthy snack break and I have to say a massive big Thank You! Because we had loads of loads of fantastic snacks to sell….well done everyone 👍👏😀

It was also disco time after school Friday and I think everyone had a fantastic time…

Sycamore class definitely won the most prizes and your dancing and singing skills were brilliant 🕺🏻💃🎸

Beans and Our Class Workshop

We were very surprised by the growth of all our seedlings over the Bank holiday… in fact our sunflowers had got way too tall and spindly  to survive a journey home to be replanted. We have decided to try again with new sunflowers, borlotti and runner beans and courgettes to put in our raised bed. We have made our final entries into our individual bean diaries and have taken these home to see if the are strong enough to grow at home.

It was wonderful to see so many mummies and daddies today at our Class Workshop. Thank you all for coming, we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We all had a great time and really loved sharing our work with you.

If you would like a copy of the slide show it is a Power Point and is too big to email but I can put it on a memory stick for you. Please pop a stick in a named envelope and I will make sure you get a copy.

Many thanks

Mrs C

Finally  please remember it is our turn to bring in healthy snacks for our Healthy Snack Break next Friday- 17th May.

Amazing Arrays and Brilliant Beans!

This week we have been making arrays to help us with repeated addition and multiplication.

We have also been totally wowed by our brilliant beans and other seedlings…. We can’t believe how quickly they are growing.

You can see how much Esme’s beans has grown in 24 hours from the first photo to to the last photo.

We have also enjoyed reading all the books we have in class to tell us about plants and how they grow…

Next week is our Class Workshop and we would love to see you all to share some of our learning with you.


Term 5 – All Things Bright and Beautiful!

After a lovely long Easter 🐣 holiday, we are full of excitement and ready for our Summer terms. Our summer topic is All Things Bright and Beautiful and this term we are looking at plants. We have already planted runner bean and sunflower seeds and we will be keeping a diary of their growth.  We have also sprinkled cress and mung bean seeds onto wet felt mats to see how they grow.

We are also hoping courgette and borlotti beans grow which we can put into one of the raised beds, with some flowers too.

During our science lesson on Thursday we thought of lots of questions that we would like to find the answers to to during this term…

What do plants need to grow?

To help us answer this we have put beans in several different places and with different conditions to see what happens to them. We are keeping a class diary to record our observations.

Yesterday we went on a wild flower hunt around the school field and found loads of wild plants- especially daisies, dandelions, brambles, stinging nettles and ivy. We also saw buttercups and a dog rose. Next time we go to the woods we will take the same tally charts and do another hunt, then compare the results.

Maths, multiplication and division 

We have had our first look at multiplication this week. We started by counting in 10s and then making groups of ten. Then we made different equal groups to help us ‘find how many?’

It is our Class Workshop on Friday 10th May so please save the date mums and dads!

What a busy term we are going to have.

The last week of term 4

This week we have been evaluating our musical instruments and then playing them together in our junk bands. Each group had to think of a band name and then play to the rest of the class. Rehearsals were interesting- very noisy! But 2the performances were great.

We had already had a fantastic recital in the morning…

😊 We all thought you were amazing!

We ended the week with our Easter Service in the Church and a whole school meeting in the afternoon.

Have a great holiday and

Happy Easter 🐣