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Woodland Bonfires

Today Sycamore Class was busy building bonfires for fairies and animals in the woods.  We discussed how to be safe around fireworks and bonfires before creating some awesome poems around bonfire night.  Here are some of our creations!

Fizz goes the fireworks.

Fizz, bang, pop – off they go.

Crackling is the fire,

Hot dogs and burgers.

Up into the sky they explode!


How about this one…


It smells like smoke and petrol.

It looks like a mountain of flames are dancing and wriggling.

It sounds like Christmas crackers popping.

It tastes like hot dogs and sweets, sometimes I get smoke in my mouth.

It feels like a warm cuddle or bath.

It makes me happy.

Hopefully pictures will follow… Technical issues tonight! Sorry.

Bonfire night and the Fire of London

We have begun our new topic about the Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed hearing about some of the facts. I am sure you have heard we have also started to learn ‘London’s Burning ‘song.

Keeping with the fire theme we are learning about Bonfire night and fireworks. Today we listened to some poetry  and then had a go at performing.

This afternoon we created a brilliant bonfire and firework pictures.

Woodland Walk

Wow, how much fun we had making capital letters for our days of the weeks by using all sizes of sticks.  Some children even wrote whole words or constructed giant letters! One group found alliteration words for their days of the week and presented them to the whole class.  Very impressive!




A giant S !

OLYMPAnd we had some extra time to construct bug hotels.US DIGITAL CAMERA