Art Week in Sycamore Class

We have been very busy thinking about our Art Week theme this year – THIS IS ME!

We have been drawing self-portraits but because we have drawn portraits during Book Week when we were looking at Freda Kahlo we have been trying out the styles of some other artists like-

Andy Warhol


Paul Klee




Pablo Picasso

We have also painted pebbles for Finlays Garden

And made masks- at home and in school with Mrs Needham and Mrs Cross.

Our final project was to make a magical animal mascot which represents the characteristics we feel we have or need in Sycamore Class.

We have made a Linophantasaurus which has the head of a 🦁 for strength and bravery and the ears of a hare for listening, a body of an elephant for caring, with the wings of a parrot for beauty and finally a 🦘 tail with dinosaur spikes!

We have also been to the woods this week….

We carried out wild flower, tree and mini beast hunts. Everything has changed since we last went to the wood, everything was big, green and beautiful. Thank you to the mummys that came with us.

We have had a fantastic week thinking about THIS IS ME! Thank you Mrs Barratt and to all the people who have helped us.

Especially a big thank you to everyone that came to share our work during our Art Week school meeting.


One thought on “Art Week in Sycamore Class

  1. Amazing! Thank you Mrs C, especially for bringing the Liephantesauraus (don’t check my spelling) to life.

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