A fortnight of sport…

On Wednesday 3rd July two coaches from Pewsey Tennis Club came to Woodborough. Sycamore were ready to go at 9am and had a fantastic half an hours coaching… Wimbledon here we come!

This Wednesday was our sports day and again Sycamore displayed some fantastic sporting talents.  Both KS2 and KS1 sports began with a dance performance and fifteen children from Sycamore class were involved in this.

Well done to Venus who only just beat Mercury! And of course everyone tried their very best and were great sports.

To complete the sporty fortnight we had our KS1 inter -house Kick Rounders competition on Friday. We do not know the winners yet, as the points from this will be added to KS2 and Oak Class points to give us our final winners.

Back in class we have been looking at money and time in maths…

We can now recognise all the coins and notes, find some amounts and some of us can work out change too! We also know the days of the week, months of the year and seasons and can tell the o’clock and half past times.

We have nearly completed our All Things Bright and Beautiful topic. We have sorted animals into: mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We talked about other categories we could include, like insects or mini beasts.

We then sorted animals by what they eat:

Carnivores  – eat meat                        Herbivores – eat plants                            Omnivores – eat both

In Art we have been drawing our class animals…

We have moving on morning on Monday – when we will all be working in Maple class for the morning, with Mrs Johanson. In the afternoon we are looking forward to seeing the dress rehearsal of Oh What a Knight! the KS2 summer performance.



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