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Great Guitars, Spectacular Supermums and Marvellous Measures

This week we have made our junk model guitars –

They made great sounds.

We have looked at rhymes in poetry and composed our Super Mum poem for the Mothering Service on Friday –

In maths we have been looking at measures- height, length, weight and capacity. We have been using mathematical vocabulary to compare different lengths and heights, weights and capacities. We have also measured using non- standard units such as cubes, paper clips, dice, dominoes and for capacity we used capfuls.

We also made Mothers Day cards. We hope you liked them and that you have all had a wonderful Mothering Sunday.

Next  week is the last week of term four so we will be trying for our Rainbow 🌈 Awards- so practice hard everyone. 😃👍



Shakers, Poetry and a trip to the woods…

This week we have been making shakers and writing instructions to help everyone make them too.

We used different fillings and different sized bottles to see how this altered the sound. We had a very noisy but full of learning through ‘play’ Monday afternoon! On Friday afternoon we watched Mrs Chapman make the rain maker-following instructions from Thomas’ Book from home. We then decorated our own shakers. Next week we are making string instruments… or at least instruments you can pluck😀🎸.

Here are some of our instructions if you want a go at home-

On Thursday it was World Poetry Day and we performed our poems to very important judges. We all did very well and lots and lots of house points were justly awarded.

Our  winner was Xander, Daisy was second and Barnaby came third. We also had several highly commended: Arthur, Orla and Rueben.

After this Mrs Needham and Mrs Bethel were very brave and explained capacity to us…

In the afternoon we went to the words where we listened to The Gruffalo and then made shelters for each of the animals in the story. Can you guess which shelter was for which animal?

Each  group made their own shelters and we are going to look at these on the Smartboard next Monday afternoon.

During KS1 School Meeting Sycamore Class received lots of golden certificates for full lines on our success cards- keep up the good work! Xander also performed his poem, Now I am Six. 😃


Week 3, Term 4-drums!

After an exciting Book Week we have been continuing our D&T topic, this week we have been focusing on drums. On Monday we played different drums, looking at how they are made and what sounds they make. We then watched some instructions to help us make our drums on Thursday.

We have also been looking instructions in English. We know the features of a good instructional text and have re-ordered instructions that have been muddled up, using what we have learned.


They need a :


You will need-May have a list using bullet points and pictures

Then clear instructions that are numbered and each instruction starts with a bossy verb-imperative verb.


Our Frida Kahlo inspired Portraits

Frida Kahlo has inspired us to be proud of who we are; how we look, what we like  and what we do. We have celebrated our differences because that’s what makes us all very special!

Well done Robert and Amy who won the Treasure Hunt and Reading Bingo.

Thank you Priya for being Frida in school meeting, .

Congratulations to Mother Teresa,  Rosa Paris and Emmeline Pankhurst who,with the help of Oak, Elm and Willow Class, got into the balloon 🎈


Portraits, Bedtime Stories and World Book Day

Here are some of our self portraits … Can you guess who we are?

I think they are all fantastic and look just like you👍😊.

Last night it was Bedtime Stories and it was lovely to see you all ready for bed listening to the lovely stories. Thank you so much to the teachers and especially the parents that read to us.

Today is World Book Day and WOW! What a tremendous effort everyone has put in to their costumes and books.


There is also another Frida in school…

You look amazing and we are so pleased you think Frida Kahlo is inspirational too!

Term 4 – Feel the Rhythm

Our new topic this term is D&T based and called ‘Feel the Rhythm’. We will be exploring, designing and making our own musical instruments. We will be using lots of different materials following our work last term in Science. This week we investigated musical instruments we have in school- including the didgeridoo! Then looked at some of the books in the ‘Sound’ book box we have from the library. 

On Friday we went to an orienteering festival at Avon Valley College. I’m sorry there are no photos but that was because we were all way too busy running around finding posts and tags to solve our challenges. I think the children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves- thank you so much to the adult helpers for all your help ( much more than was expected). Without you we would not be able to go to these events. Mrs C.😊

Next week is Book Week and you should have all seen our homework letter which included an introduction to our focus book…