Daily Archives: February 10, 2019

Week 5 of term 3 already!

This week began and ended with Marvellous Materials. We have been sorting all sorts of objects into groups depending on the materials they are made of and then by the properties of these materials…

We used the hoops to make a Venn diagram so that we could put objects that had both properties in the middle of the two hoops. We were surprised by how many objects went in the middle each time. Our conclusion was that, many everyday materials have lots of different properties; especially plastic.

We have been looking at place value in maths

and writing our hot tasks in English.

We shared our traditional tales in the KS1 School Meeting on Friday.

Our wanted posters, text map and then our first look at editing really helped our final piece of writing.

Mrs Chapman and the other teachers are very impressed with the beautiful handwriting in Sycamore Class. Well done everyone.