Monthly Archives: January 2019

Maths Day

Today everyone in Woodborough school has been enjoying maths. In Sycamore, this morning, we played lots of different maths games and challenges with Mrs Needham.

Can you spot the winners of the Bingo games? 😃

This afternoon we were measuring and counting drops of water and timing minutes in our materials experiment. We had to find out which of four materials would be best to make an umbrella for Ted. We had to make sure our test was fair by ensuring we put the same number of drops on each material we were testing. We also left the water for one minute before we took a look at our teddy or pom-pom.

Homework this week is to play a maths related game with your family and tell the rest of the class all about it next Wednesday afternoon.

Term 3 – Amazing Materials and Traditional Tales

On Tuesday morning Sara from the Scrap Store came in to Sycamore Class to help us make castles to introduce our new science topic, Everyday Materials and English topic , Traditional Tales.

Thank you Sara, we all had a fantastic time and everyone’s castle was brilliant.

In the afternoon we read our first tale- Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then The Three Little Pigs. We noticed that both stories had phrases that we all recognised and are repeated in each story. On Wednesday we read The Gingerbread Man. Can you guess which stories we are retell in these pictures?

We have also been using different resources to help us solve addition and subtraction problems. We know that the number bonds of 10 and 20 are very important to help us with these calculations.