Monthly Archives: November 2018

Christingle, Christmas Fair and much more…

Well Christmas is definitely on its way.

In Sycamore we have been busy making wrapping paper for the Christmas fair and on Wednesday we also made our Christingle oranges.

It was a wonderful service and made us all think about the true meaning of Christmas .

We have also had some great news about competition winners too.

Here are our Dragon competition winners

And Molly, Inigo and Daisy won a praise for their angel bakes and Sienna T, Reuben and Otto won prizes for making an angel. Well done you six.

Look at all our fantastic entries!

We have also completed these paint dot pictures of Australian animals

We have also continued to find out information on Australian animals and very much enjoyed reading stories about them.

For our computing topic we have been programming Bee-Bot which is not as easy as it looks. We have had to learn our left and right turns and how to predict where he will be after each instruction. We have also had to ‘debug’ our programs.

It is our performance week next week. Thank you to all the parents for the amazing costumes.

Week 2’s Maths, subtraction

Look at all of the solutions we found for the morning activity Maths challenge Mrs Chapman set us on Tuesday morning…

We have been using lots of different practical equipment to help us solve our subtraction problems. These photos show Possums using our dinosaurs 🦕 to help find ‘how many are left?’

We now know how to find 8 facts for any number bond / part whole model for the numbers 1-10.

for example

4+6=10     6+4=10       10=6+4       10=4+6

10-6=4     10-4=6          6=10-4        4=10-6

Good work Sycamore !

Australian Animals and Children In Need

It was a Key Stage 1 school meeting this week and we shared our work on Australia.

We have been reading lots of information texts in English to help us write our own non-fiction texts on Australian Animals. We know that non-fiction texts contain lots of facts.

Did you know…

A wombats Pouch is backward facing, so when they are digging their babies do not get covered in mud!

Koalas like to eat eucalyptus leaves and can sleep for upto 22hours a day!

Crocodiles rest with their mouths open to cool themselves down.

There are lots of amazing creatures that only live in Australia .

We also shared our first try at Aboriginal dot pictures.


It was also Children in Need day so we all put our coins on Pudsey.