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Words, Woods and Wonderful World

This week in Sycamore Class we have continued our story, The Mousehole Cat, with freeze frame drama to help us compose our sentences and then sequence them to retell the middle of our story.


On Thursday we had our second visit to the woods. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time investigating greater than and less than.

On Friday we had our Harvest and Welcome Service and it was lovely to welcome all the new children to Sycamore and to Woodborough School. Well done too to our actor and reader in the story of The Seed and to our prayer readers.

We had Golden Time in class this week and Lego and finger knitting were very popular; as was colouring.

On Friday afternoons the whole school joins together for  Reading for Pleasure which we love in Sycamore…

Next week is Global Week where the whole school will be working from this book

In Sycamore we are looking at hedgerows and KS1 Mercury are going to be learning a parrot dance with Mrs Chapman!

Come along to the whole school meeting to see all of the dances and follow Sycamore’s week here.

Week 3

Wow it’s hard to believe that we have just completed our third week in Sycamore.

On Monday we had our 2nd spelling lesson

In maths we have been comparing and ordering groups of objects and numbers, using lots of new vocabulary and mathematical symbols.

Ask us to explain the ‘crocodile’ greater than and less than actions.

In English we have been reading The Mousehole Cat, retelling, sequencing and focusing on sentences. We will be using this book for the next few weeks; writing our own Mousehole Cat story.

We have been talking to our parents about their memories of childhood beach holidays and using books to investigate things that are the same and things that were different. We are then going to move further back in time and looking at our grandparents memories -thank you to Henry’s mummy who has given us some fantastic photos to help with our investigations. We have completed our topic book front covers.

On Friday we have a go at observational drawing; really looking at the pebbles and shells we have in our role play area…

We surprised ourselves with the results and Mrs Chapman thought they were very impressive!

We have also been dancing in our indoor PE lesson-can you guess which circus acts we were portraying?

Well done Sycamore 👍😃

Off to the Woods

Yesterday we had our first trip to the woods. Thank you to the mums that joined us…

We had a wonderful time exploring and looking for things to add to a counting woodland walk book.

Today we started to put together our ideas and write our sentences.

Other things going on this week

Look at our flip book entries

Sharing post cards

Making sentences- using clues like Capital letters and full stops.

More counting

What a busy 2nd week!


Welcome to the all new Sycamore 2018 – 2019

Welcome to Sycamore 2018 – 2019

We have had a fantastic first week full of ‘firsts’ and very busy.

Here are some highlights…

Marvelous Maths – sorting and counting

Excellent English – sentences and stories with a seaside theme

Topic and Role Play


PE – hopping, skipping and jumping.

Golden Time – circle and parachute games

and we mustn’t forget a fantastic RE day

followed by our whole school collective worship on Friday

Well done everyone, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you Monday for our first spelling lesson!