Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christmas around the world

This week we are finding out what it is like to celebrate Christmas in different parts of the world. Yesterday we looked at lots of places and spent the afternoon making Poinsettia flowers that are used in celebrations in Mexico.  Today we have been lucky to have a presentation from Mrs Lichter who taught us about Christmas in Serbia. We heard how Christmas is celebrated two weeks later and that Father Christmas comes on New Years Eve. We heard about the fasting that takes place and some of the special foods. We learnt how to greet others in Serbian at Christmas time.

We also tried apple dipped in honey which is a traditional treat eaten at the midnight mass service on Christmas Eve.

** Don’t forget we would love to hear some children tell us about Christmas in different countries that are special to their families. If you have any links with other places please help them to prepare a short ‘talk’ for Wednesday morning.