Monthly Archives: October 2017

Bonfire night and the Fire of London

We have begun our new topic about the Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed hearing about some of the facts. I am sure you have heard we have also started to learn ‘London’s Burning ‘song.

Keeping with the fire theme we are learning about Bonfire night and fireworks. Today we listened to some poetry  and then had a go at performing.

This afternoon we created a brilliant bonfire and firework pictures.

Woodland Walk

Wow, how much fun we had making capital letters for our days of the weeks by using all sizes of sticks.  Some children even wrote whole words or constructed giant letters! One group found alliteration words for their days of the week and presented them to the whole class.  Very impressive!




A giant S !

OLYMPAnd we had some extra time to construct bug hotels.US DIGITAL CAMERA





Science day

Today is science day and we have been looking at how food travels around the world and arrives in our supermarkets. We looked at food packaging and thought about why it is used.

This afternoon we did our first scientific experiment. We planned an investigation in small groups to find which packaging would be best to protect a strawberry. We chose 2 types of packages and wrapped up a strawberry. Mrs Barratt then dropped it and we looked to see how bruised it was !