Monthly Archives: September 2017

Woodland Walk

We had a fantastic time in the woods today using things we could find around us to learn about Ordinal Numbers. The children were able to place items correctly on Number Lines and use appropriate language.  All were rewarded with some free play where dens were made, worms found and games made up!


Mrs Partis visits !

We were lucky today to have a visit from Mrs Partis who has recently returned from a trip to Australia. She showed us lots of excellent pictures and told us all about her adventure. The children were very interested and asked lots of great questions – well done Sycamore !

We were disappointed to hear that in fact Wombats are very grumpy and smelly . Mrs Partis much preferred the koalas.

The new Sycamore Class are hard at work

We are off to a great start in Sycamore Class. We began by finding out about our new topic -Wandering Wombat and we listened to a funny story about a cheeky Wombat. We thought about where Australia is and learnt some names of other Australian animals.

Later we did some sorting in maths where we worked together to think of ways of grouping objects. There were lots of good ideas. 

Later we did P.E and played some fun games. At the end we did find an extra pair of school shoes so if anyone is missing any let me know !

We are looking forward to some more Wombat work tomorrow and don’t forget we are off on our first Woodland adventure this week so we need wellies on Thursday.