Monthly Archives: June 2017


In RE we are learning about the Jewish celebration of Chanukah.  We read a story about Sammy Spider’s first Chanukah, where Sammy learns about the Chanukah game of dreidel.  We played the dreidel game, with counters and cubes instead of sweets.  Then we all made our own dreidels, so we will be able to play at home too.

Sycamore Class received lots of book awards and Golden Certificates in the School meeting this afternoon.  Well done everyone.  

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

This term was are gearing up for our trip to the seaside on July 4th. (Don’t forget to return permission slips ASAP) I have a good number of parents coming along on this trip with us and would really like to have a 10min briefing on the day before we go so I can run through the plan. This will be straight after school on Monday 3rd please let me know if you can’t make this and you are coming with us.

We have been talking about holidays today and we will begin thinking about holidays from the past next week. We will be talking about modern day holidays and also holidays from parents childhoods and then grandparents childhood. If you have any artefacts or photos from trips to the seaside we would love to see them.

In case the message hasn’t reached you , Sycamore Class have Cake break this week. Any cakes this Friday will be gratefully received.