Monthly Archives: January 2017

All sewed up !

We had a great afternoon today sewing around the edges of our stuffed Bog Baby toys. The class worked amazingly and all managed to sew the edges of the felt. I was very proud of the children and very grateful for the help of Mrs Welland and Mrs Hyatt. Unfortunately we were so busy sewing I forgot to take pictures so watch this space I will be ready with the camera when we start adding details and stuffing.

Bog Baby writing

We used our Bog Baby topic to develop our writing skills this week by writing sentences about what the Bog Baby likes to do using verbs with the suffix -ing.  First we spoke our sentences, then wrote them, and even tried to extend our sentences using but, and  or because.  George managed to use all of these words in one sentence!  He said

“The Bog Baby likes licking it’s toes because it is fun and his friends like doing it as well but his feet are all juicy.”

Great writing George.

There were lots of fabulous sentences from the class.  We are all really enjoying our Bog Baby topic, and have been trying out our sewing skills ready to start making our own Bog Babies next week.


We have been learning about doubling numbers this week and have then used these and our number bonds to 10 to help us add numbers together accurately.  Aisling, Florence, George and Katie shared their doubles maths in school meeting this afternoon.   Our class had several Golden Certificates in the KS1 meeting this afternoon, a swimming certificate for Theodore and a gymnastics certificate for Teddy.  Well done to all of you.  We also celebrated Sam’s success placing 1st in the Beginners class at the Surrey Youth Motorcycle Trials – super Sam!