Monthly Archives: June 2016

Salisbury Trip

We had an amazing trip today here are some of our observations as soon as we arrived …”Now this is what I call awesome”  “it’s beautiful” “It’s amazing” “This is SO exciting”  “Wow” .

We had a very busy day touring the cathedral and looking at the beautiful sculptures by Sophie Ryder. We then made a collage,  a print and a clay figure.  Here is a selection of some of the pictures.

image image

image  image

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Matisse and other Super Heroes

This term in English we are exploring fantasy stories and have begun by thinking about Superheroes. We started by listing all the superheroes we know and now have explored the term further and decided that there may be super heroes closer to home too.

Ellen said “Super heroes are people who help others when they are in trouble”

I hope you have enjoyed the flip books we made earlier this week.

We have also started to look at Matisse who may be thought of as a hero of a different kind because he didn’t give up when he found painting became too difficult as he got older , he instead changed his style and started a new revolution in ‘Paper Cutting’. We thought this was a good example of perseverance.

Here are our versions of one of his paintings , first we drew them and then we used Matisse technique of paper cutting.

What do you think ?