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Yum, yum!

imageimage image image  imageimageTo finish our RE topic looking at Shabbat today we made the special Jewish bread, Challah.  In groups with Mrs McC we mixed all the ingredients and kneaded the bread.  Then we left it to rise before rolling out the dough and plaiting our bread.  After more time to rise the bread went to be cooked.  All that was left was to eat some fresh bread (and do the washing up!).  Alfie said the bread was yum, yum!

Bug Hunt the sequel

Today we did our second bug hunt to look at what was different from last time we went back in February. We found lots today and concluded that while in February things were hiding under rocks and in the dark, today mini beasts we found flying around, swimming in the pond and bathing in the sun.

image image image



We recited the first verse of Daffodils  by William Wordsworth in school meeting today, and showed some of our fantastic daffodil paintings.  It was very hard to draw and paint the daffodil shape accurately.

Today we have been solving word problems using number bonds to 10 and 20, and then had a go at writing our own.  Here is Molly’s word problem.image

Poetry and tree hugging

image image image image imageThis week we have continued our plants topic by looking at trees. We explored the trees on the school grounds and did some bark rubbings and tree hugging ! We then discussed the different types of tree and chose one to sketch.

We have also been learning poetry and have tried hard to recite the first verse of William Wordsworth’s -Daffodils poem. Ask us for a recital we are really good 😉

Our painting of daffodils are beautiful too – a real ‘host of golden daffodils’

Shabbat and 3D shapes

Another busy afternoon in Sycamore class.  We were learning about how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat in their families.  Alfie thinks the bread they eat looks very tasty.  We hope we can manage to fit in a baking session  this term and have a go at making our own Challah bread.

Then we moved on to maths and 3D shapes, sorting shapes, playing lotto and pairs matching examples of 3D shapes to their names. Described shapes using mathematical words.  I wonder if we can use these words to describe objects to you at home?image image image image

Class assembly

image“It was amazing” said Anabelle.

“It was so much fun” said Mollie.

The children were confident speakers, singers and performers this morning.  We are so proud of them all.  Thank you children and parents for all your hard work learning the songs and words.

It was fantastic to see all the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters this morning -thank you for all your support.  image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

3D shapes

This week we have been looking at 3d shapes. This afternoon we went out in the sunshine to identify 3d shapes in our environment.

P1050667 P1050673 P1050666

We have also been writing Anansi the spider stories , tomorrow we will write the endings. Let’s hope that they all live happily ever after.