Monthly Archives: April 2016

Maths games

This morning we were busy practising our assembly.  Please to continue to help us with our words at home, so we are really confident next week.

This afternoon we were using our computing skills to play maths games logging on and off the computer, starting programmes and using the mouse and keyword to play games.  The website we used is

We used the addition and subtraction games to increase our quick recall of number facts.


We started our day thinking of the presents we would have given the Queen for her birthday and writing why we choose them for her.

In RE we are learning about Shabbat and today we have sung a song to help us remember some of what we have been learning. Maybe we can sing it for you at home.  Here are the words

Two candles burn

A glass of Kiddish wine

It’s Friday night

And everything is fine.


The Challas cut

A piece for everyone

This Shabbat night

Boruch atah ha shem



It’s the end of the working week

And now it’s time to rest

It’s the start of the nice weekend

And that’s what we like best