Monthly Archives: March 2016

Easter fun

“We had fun at school today” said Edward.

We have been busy decorating Easter boxes, and then decorated biscuits to go in them, yum, yum.

We have been learning about the Easter Bilby, as they don’t have the Easter Bunny in Australia.  We  listened to some of the story of Burra Nimu, the Easter Bilby by Jeni Bright.  We designed our own Australian Easter eggs.

Happy Easter to everyone, enjoy your holiday.

Sport Relief Wheel Challenge

We have been busy researching our documentaries using books and computers this week, as well as practising our number bonds.  We have parents evenings this week – a great time to look and talk about the children’s work and progress.  We are all very proud of Sycamore Class and their enthusiastic attitude to our learning.

This afternoon we took part in the Sport Relief Wheel Challenge on foot, scooters and bikes.  What fun we had!  Have a look at the photos.P1050567P1050563P1050564P1050558P1050557P1050556P1050555 P1050548 P1050549 P1050554 P1050553 P1050552 P1050550 P1050547 P1050544 P1050566 P1050565 P1050560 P1050561 P1050562

Research project -Australian Animals

Next week we will be filming for a class documentary about Australian animals. We are researching this week and preparing notes and facts. We started off in the library finding out how libraries work and about contents pages and index. We watched a little clip from David Attenborough to see how the expert does it !

P1050531 P1050536 P1050533 P1050534 - Copy

We will spend the rest of this week finding facts for our documentary from books and the internet but children can also do more research at home or public libraries.

Number lines and wombats

We have been very busy again this week.  We read the story Wombat goes Walkabout by Michael Morpurgo and then have been writing our own Wombat stories trying to remember capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and to use adjectives!

We have been adding using number lines and then solving word problems using number lines.  Today we enjoyed a mufti day and Maple Class assembly.


On Friday we had a fantastic end to book week with a real poet in school for the day.  Bernie Howley began the day by working with the whole school, on the theme of teeth.  During the day each class had a turn with Bernie working on performing poetry and in our session with Oak class we thought about the qualities needed by a tooth fairy.  We came up with a long, imaginative list including having waterproof wings, extra special vision and being good carrot gardeners (to grow the carrots to help with the tooth fairy’s night vision).   We have lots of ideas of how to start to write a poem ourselves now, thanks to Bernie.

In the school meeting at the end of the day the whole school performed different parts of the poem “My tooth is loose”.    After winning our class competition Sophie gave her poetry recital to the whole school and parents in school meeting – well done Sophie. Also in the meeting Inigo collected the class prize in the Book Week Quiz, which we had all had a lot of fun with.

What a busy week!

Performing poetry

We had another fun day in Book Week yesterday.  We dressed up to celebrate World Book Day – what an amazing selection of costumes.

We performed the poems we have been learning to some of the Governors.  We all were brilliant and confident reciting our poem to the class and our visitors.  Sophie was chosen as our winner and is going to perform her poem in today’s Book Week School Meeting.  She will also get a prize.

In the afternoon we did a book quiz.  We are waiting to find out who has the highest score and will win the class prize.