Monthly Archives: February 2016

Book Week

The theme this year is Lets Talk . We started this off with a talk from Inigo’s granny- “A real Australian.” We loved hearing all about Australia and she was extremely kind leaving us lots of things to look at at. We also got a little animal key ring which we are all very proud of.

We listened carefully and asked her questions. She finished off with a lovely poem.

We have practised our poems for Thursday too.

This afternoon we did book swap with Lime C Class.










Our new topic is Australia and we’ve been listening to Australian stories. We have learnt how the Aboriginal people told the stories to each other and how many of the stories explained how the world was created. 

We heard the story of how the Kangeroo got its pouch and then we retold the story to each other as the aborigine people would have done.

Next we looked at thier art work and had a go at creating an aborigine style painting of the kangaroo.

image image image image image

This afternoon we did some brain busting maths . We played loop games to partition numbers into tens and ones.  We then looked at hundreds too.






Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day. We discussed how useful the internet can be but also the problems that can come with it.

We thought about how to make sure we are being kind and safe when on the internet. We discussed making comments about others work and making sure we check with an adult before we search for something.

We think the internet is brilliant.

This afternoon we continued our English work on Tongue Twisters. We practised for mini performances. It was tricky not to get our words jumbled. If you see us around school ask us for a performance 😉