Monthly Archives: October 2015

World maths day

A great day today on the Ipads programming. We also took part in the World Education Games and competed with children from around the world.

We did our first ever Rainbow Maths Awards and looked at French money and numbers.

This afternoon we turned the classroom into a bakery and tasted two types of bread they may have eaten in 1666. Our favourite was the crusty white loaf but we did all like our own homemade Sour Dough too.

World Literacy day

Today we have heard stories from France and spoken in Spanish. We have learnt Chinese songs and played on the Spellodrome spelling challenge.

We read the French story La Belle au bois dormant (Sleeping Beauty) and made puppets to retell the tale we also heard a strange story called Le Trois Orange.


We used Puppet Pals on the Ipad to make our own fairy tales too.

Global Week

This week we are learning all about the world. Our class is studying France. We flew there this morning using Google Earth and then this afternoon we have learnt where it is and how we might travel there.

Later this week we will be joining in with World Literacy day, World Maths day and World Science day we as well as taking part in the ‘Dodgeball cup’ . Will be thinking about our place in the world and how this relates to France.  We are also looking at the Rugby World Cup and finding out how France is getting on.

Today we got to use the Ipads. We took photos of our school environment and started to think about places animals live around here. This is some of the places we took photos of.wordle 2

We also played some great games on the Ipads.

Writing sentences

P1040798 P1040799 P1040800 P1040801 P1040802 P1040803 P1040804

Today we looked at pictures from our trips to the wood and wrote sentences about the pictures.

Max wrote “I made a bug house or you can call it a fairy house”.

Sophie wrote ” I can see lots of trees around us when we are walking on the bridge”.

Inigo’s sentence was “Me and Mylo were making a bug house”.

Alfie said ” I made a bug house with all of my friends.  It was fun.”

Faolan wrote ” I made a rabbit bed and a rabbit dinner table.”

We were thinking about our English targets for this term as we wrote.  Check the front of our reading records for this term’s targets.

Wood learning

We had a lovely sunny day for our trip to the woods yesterday. We walked through a garden and had to climb the stile – it’s quite high but we are very careful and the grown ups help us. We took our snack and ate bananas in the wood while we listened to a story. Next we explored and measured things using rulers, metre sticks and tape measures.  We also compared the size of sticks that we found using mathematical language.

Then it was time walk back across the fields to school just in time for lunch.

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